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Aiming to Be the Best

We Deliver Measurable Results

The expertise & experience we offer is second to none & are based on industry standards, all for reasonable packages

Excellent Workmanship

We provide our clients with excellent workmanship from start to completion of the project. We are not merely transferring land into blocks and bricks. We believe in the beauty of creation & the power of design, and more importantly, we believe in the realization of your dreams

Talented Team

Tattvam construction is a professionally managed company backed by an in-house team of talented executives, administrators, dedicated designers & engineers seeking perfection in all we do.



We handle various professionals, clients, consultants, with myriad experience & function as per the industry standards. We ensure that our commitment & promises are always kept & a long-lasting relationship is built with our clients with each project. Get your free consulting regarding construction.

Our strong fundamental knowledge of engineering & management principles, business procedures, economics & human behavior is used to engage in the design of work structures, coordination of project design, systems design, cost estimation, planning, scheduling, equipment selection, cost control, quality & administration management. We insist on quality assurance & quality control (QA/QC), building & site layout surveys, on-site material testing, concrete mix design, safety engineering, material procurement, and cost engineering.


Our mission is to build 1st class infrastructures for residential & commercial building with quality & customer satisfaction. We strive to bring quality standards into constructions following best materials, best workmanship, exceptional customer relationship service, great value for time & money along with peace of mind

Our building wears a modern & contemporary look, blended with modern engineering & technology with forethought of energy efficiency. Our building design, consulting services, Execution management possess a strong concept of engineering standards & specifications. We believe in our business ethics & we are passionate as we involve transparency & leadership towards a successful venture

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What We Do

We strictly follow the ITIL management process along with Management Information System (MIS) & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Our Project planning is followed by the Continual Management Process

Evaluating large & diverse portfolios

Tattvam Construction Management & our associates are passionate & obsessive about their concept & designs with high speed working motive skills, perseverance & detail interest in enduring the projects professionally.

Performing project analyses

We monitor the project ensuring all technical parameters of construction & their works are carried out meticulously & professionally, We advocate the project on your behalf & on your favor. We also act as an Arbitrator, Mediator, and/or Negotiator on technical, commercial & contractual disputes / Evaluations/differences between the contracting parties, at both main & sub-contract levels on various types of project in the construction industry

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Project Management Services (PMS)

PMS for client & contactor

We are hired by our client to ensure the contractor hired by our client is carrying the work as promised & as per the BOQ. We monitor the work at the site closely on day to day basis with our engineers at the site. We ensure all the materials used are as per the BOQ & genuine & the quality of workmanship . We do a quality check of all the materials & provide reports to the clients along with certifications.

Direct Clients

We also direct the client about the schedule of work, work progress, work process, working standards, labor strength & their willingness to work in proportion to payments. We monitor the project ensuring all technical parameters of construction & their scope-of-works are carried out meticulously & professionally, We advocate the project on your behalf & on your favor

Construction & Contract Administration Service

The purpose of Contract Administration is to manage the delivery of the project & associated work in accordance with the executed contract documents. We ensure to fulfill our responsibilities, duties & outcomes in accordance with documented requirements, the contract itself, & statutory requirements to ensure that the building contractors is properly paid for works suitably carried out.

Arbitration & Procurements

We use alternative procurement methods, contract administration requirements will vary according to contract terms & conditions. We use alternative procurement methods, contract administration requirements will vary according to contract terms & conditions. Contract Administration practices may need to be tailored for alternative arrangements such as partnerships, maintenance & performance contracts & minor works contracts


Frequent analysis of Quality, Material Specifications, BOQ Standards, Quantity, & Item rates. Study of material credentials & standards along with branding, specifications & manufacturing Grades


We Implement KANBAN, KAIZEN, SCRUM, 5s, COBIT, Six-Sigma, Value Stream Mapping for creating a roadmap for lean transformation to name a few. Our qualified multi-disciplinary & specialized consultants are experienced in pre & post-contract evaluation of quantity surveying duties, commercial & contractual administration / management of various types of projects, & working experience, with architectural practice, quantity surveyors, project managers, building contractors & specialist consultants


Our specific experience is expertise in projects contracts management / administrations, claims/defense, dispute resolution, risks, value management, specializing in alternative dispute resolution, particularly in arbitration advisory, support services, documentation & proceedings are purely based on ground reality & resiliency. Our master planning to accommodate anticipated future needs, evaluation of project alternatives, identification of site requirements, funding requirements, budget and payments authorization cycles, taxes to name a few

Development Management

Our design team assembles a high level of owner coordination team & which is maintained by our management team to manage the entire delivery team through the Project’s Design Phases PDP. Design Management requires oversight of schedules & budgets. Review of key submissions & deliverables for compliance with program goals and design objectives, verification of incorporation of the construction phase, functional testing requirements & appropriate application of the owner’s design standards and criteria