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Tattvam Construction Management Pvt Ltd

Trusted Residential Builders and Interior Designers in Bangalore

Tattvam Construction Management Pvt Ltd are general construction contractors developing end to end residential & commercial buildings providing  a Complete Construction Project Management Consultancy Services. We handle various professionals, clients, consultants, with myriad experience & function as per the industry standards. We ensure that our commitment & promises are always kept & a long lasting relationship is built with our clients with each project. 

Our building wears a modern & contemporary look, blended with modern engineering & technology with forethought of energy efficiency. Our building design, consulting services, Execution management possess a strong concept of engineering standards & specifications. We believe in our business ethics as passionately as we involve transparency & leadership towards a successful venture. We applaud our associates & thank them to make our venture a huge success.

Our strong fundamental knowledge of engineering & management principles, business procedures, economics & human behavior is used to engage in design of work structures, coordination of project design, systems design, cost estimation, planning, scheduling, equipment selection, cost control, quality & administration management.

We insist on quality assurance & quality control (QA/QC), building and site layout surveys, onsite material testing, concrete mix design, safety engineering, material procurement, cost engineering. In case of contract dispute which is not automatically resoluble, resolution arbitration in contract shall be established. An independent third party assessment will provide a neutral setting to assess both party’s interests. Bill of Quantities generated and timely approval of billing will ensure smooth & continual progress of work.


Residential Building - Basic

 3D Design + Plan + Structure + Electrical consultancy for G+1

Starts from @ 

Rs. 1900 Per Sft.

Residential Building-Standard

3D Design + Plan + Structure + Electrical consultancy for G+2

Starts from @ 

Rs. 2100 Per Sft.

Residential Building Premium

3D Design + Plan + Structure + Electrical consultancy for G+3

Starts from @ 

Rs. 2900 Per Sft.

Residential Interiors-Package

Complete Interiors with Design & Materials as per floor area

Starts from @ 

Rs. 600  Per Sft.

Commercial Building-Basic

3D Design + Plan + Structure + Electrical consultancy for G+3

Starts from @ 

Rs. 2500 Per Sft.




Peace of Mind

Our Promise

We understand and value the investment of our clients and respect the expectation for the best for their home. Be it consumer goods, building structure, plumbing products, generators, geysers, solar power equipments, water treatment products, we give a minimum guarantee of 5 years free replacement within 48 Hours. Yes your heard it right! FIVE years Including 5 years Buildings defect liability too is borne by us. Give us a call any time and we shall resolve it.