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  • Planning

    Bedroom Planning


    Our master planning to accommodate anticipated future needs, evaluation of project alternatives, identification of site requirements, funding requirements, budget and payments authorization cycles, taxes to name a few.

    Frequent analysis of Quality, material specifications, BOQ standards, quantity, & item rates. Study of material credentials and standards along with branding, specifications & manufacturing Grades.

    staircase design

    Development Management

    Our design team assembles a high level of owner coordination team & it is maintained by our management team to manage the entire delivery team through the Project’s Design Phases PDP. Design Management requires oversight of schedules & budgets.

    Review of key submissions & deliverables for compliance with program goals and design objectives, verification of incorporation of the construction phase, functional testing requirements & appropriate application of the owner’s design standards and criteria.

    Construction management

    Construction Management includes specific activities like defining the responsibilities & management structure of the project management team, organizing & leading by implementing project controls, defining roles & responsibilities, developing communication protocols.


    We believe in transparency & effective communication along with frequent meetings & reports to track daily activities of the Project schedule – daily analysis reports.