Project Management Services

We ensure the contractor hired by our client is carrying the work as promised and as per the BoQ. We monitor the work at site closely on day to day basis with our engineers at site. All materials used are genuine and the workmanship areas per the BoQ. We do quality check of all the materials and provide reports to the clients along with certifications. We also direct the client about schedule of work, work progress, work process, working standards labour strength and their willingness to work proportion to payments made, basic facilities and motivation.

We monitor the project as its our own ensure all technical parameters of construction and their works are carried out meticulously and professionally and we advocate the project on your behalf and on your favour. We also acts as an Arbitrator, Mediator and / or Negotiator on technical, commercial and contractual disputes / differences between the contracting parties, at both main and sub-contract levels on various types of project in the construction industry.

Construction Administration & Contract Administration​

The purpose of Contract Administration is to manage the delivery of a capital project and associated work in accordance with the executed contract documents. We ensure to full fill our responsibilities, duties and outcomes in accordance with documented requirements, the contract itself, and statutory requirements ensure that the building contractors is properly paid for works suitably carried out.

Where alternative procurement methods are used, contract administration requirements will vary according to contract terms and conditions. Contract Administration practices may need to be tailored for alternative arrangements such as partnerships, maintenance & performance contracts and minor works contracts. The qualified multi-disciplinary and specialised consultant, experienced in pre and post contract quantity surveying duties, commercial and contractual administration / management of various types of construction projects, and working experience with architectural practice, quantity surveyors, project managers, civil engineering, building contractors and specialist consultants. Our specific experience and expertise include project and contracts management / administration, claims / defence, dispute resolution, risks and value management, specializing in alternative dispute resolution, particularly in arbitration advisory and support services, documentation and proceedings.

Tattvam Construction Management & our associates are passionate & obsessive about their concept and designs with high speed working motive, perseverance and detail interest in enduring the projects professionally. Analysis of schedules, Detail Construction Modules, Miscellaneous planning, Interactive Procedures and associated scope of work are all done meticulously.

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